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Operation sites description and planning

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posted on 2018-02-20, 14:53 authored by Frank Lai, Elisabeth Strobitzer, Maartje de Goede, Reakka Krishnakumar, Clement Val, Mohamed Mahmod, Jacek Malasek, O. Martin, Ruth WelshRuth Welsh, Oliver Carsten
This deliverable presents the seven operating sites (OS): Austria (PTWs, KFV), France (Cars, CEESAR), Germany (Cars, DLR), Netherlands (Trucks, TNO), Poland (Cars, IBDIM), Spain (PTWs, CIDAUT), UK (Cars, UNIVLEEDS/LOUGHBOROU). Each OS determines its geographical coverage and personnel responsible for trial operation. They confirm compliance with the global schedule and with site specific schedules. Further planning issues consider participant liaison strategies, collection of subjective data, data acquisition system installation and maintenance procedure, data collection and management, data and operational quality assurance, end of trial management and ethical ap-proval and legal issues. All OS planned the trials following the common guidelines, but also accommodated the trial preparation to local circumstances.


UDRIVE is co-funded by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, in the 7th Framework Programme.



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LAI, F. ...et al., 2017. Operation sites description and planning. UDRIVE Deliverable 31.1. EU FP7 Project UDRIVE Consortium.


EU FP7 Project UDRIVE Consortium


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