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Summary report on work package 3 "Types of Factors"

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posted on 2011-06-03, 13:52 authored by Sylvia Schick, Claire L. Naing, Ralf Engel, A. Eggers, C. Pastor, A. Banos, J. Plaza, Pierre Van Elslande, Katel Fouquet, Ernst Tomasch, W. Hell
This summary report presents the main results of Work Package 3 "Types of Factors" of the TRACE Project. The work as performed in the tasks 3.1 (accident related factors), 3.2 (sociological and cultural factors), 3.3 (trip-related factors), and 3.4 (driving-task associated factors) and presented in the Deliverables 3.1 to 3.4 and an additional internal TRACE Report (Collection of Sub-Reports for task 3.3) is summarized and discussed. The objective of defining relevant accident related factors first and the objective of analysing traffic accident causation - from a factor's point of view while taking traditional views into account - on different levels - by using statistic methods for existing databases as provided by the Work Package 3 Partners and - by using new (developed in Work Package 5 of the TRACE project) methods on new case analysis in order to gain new knowledge on accident causation was possible to reach. The scope of the identified key aspects as found by the Partners in their work for the relevance in EU27 is discussed. In accordance, even further, appropriate suggestions for prevention of traffic accidents can be derived.



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SCHICK, S. ... et al, 2008. Summary report on work package 3 "Types of Factors". Deliverable D3.5.




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