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TeleFOT: field operational tests of aftermarket and nomadic devices in vehicles. D 1.3, Applications

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posted on 31.08.2017, 08:41 by Serena Fruttaldo, Francesco Tesauri, Roberto Montanari, Ruth WelshRuth Welsh, Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris, Petri Mononen, Henar M. Vega, Maria Alonso
The concrete applications, e.g. services and functions that are being tested in different partner projects, the way how they are addressed within a common framework and lessons learned are described in D1.3. The structure of D1.3 is based on the following issues: TeleFOT INCO projects commonalities and areas of cooperation; topics of cooperation and methodological issues sums up different lessons learned from the different projects (TeleFOT and the sister INCO projects); application areas, including achievements at projects’ work level; relevant topics for international co-operation and dissemination of cooperation results. This chapter aims to outline concrete cases represented by services and functions tested in different projects worldwide and extract from these the cases of multilateral interest. Annex 1 contains material from events. Annex 2 outlines main content from the meetings organised.


Project co-funded by the European Commission DG-Information Society and Media in the 7th Framework Programme.



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FRUTTALDO, S. ... et al., 2011. TeleFOT: field operational tests of aftermarket and nomadic devices in vehicles. D 1.3, Applications. Espoo: TeleFOT.


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