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Usability of TeleFOT Nomadic and Aftermarket Devices [D1.8]

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posted on 2013-05-03, 12:54 authored by Stewart A. Birrell, Mark Fowkes, Pontus Wallgren, Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris
This deliverable reports on the Usability activities undertaken in TeleFOT mainly within WPs 4.8 and 4.10. These planned to support the Sub-Project 4 of TeleFOT in Evaluation and Assessment of nomadic devices within the national Field Operational Tests (FOTs). The key objective of WP4.8 in this regard is to provide measurable data that allows comparing usability and user experience of different driver assistance services whilst the key objective of WP4.10 is to identify and define the target and actual technical performance metrics for the Nomadic Devices (NDs) used. Two approaches are described in this Deliverable which have been utilised within TeleFOT for evaluating the usability of the nomadic and aftermarket devices tested within the TeleFOT FOTs. The first approach describes the feedback received from the TeleFOT participants with regard to their user experiences with the devices tested during the FOTs. To complement this information, each test site was asked to supply usability information specifically related to the time taken and the number of user interactions (aka button presses) to access certain functions within their ND. These included time and interactions to access the main menu and primary function, or adjust the volume, as well as to start up and shut down. The participants’ opinions on the design of the device, user interface, initial reactions and benefits to the NDs were then recorded as were ‘Other Issues’ which related to participants’ perceived usefulness, reliability and ease to interpret the information offered by the ND. This method allowed in-depth information to be captured surrounding issues which may have influenced the use of the ND during the FOT and/or common issues which arose. The second approach involved expert evaluations undertaken by HMI analysts working at the test-sites on a number of devices that were tested within TeleFOT. Not all of the devices that were tested within TeleFOT were subjected to expert evaluations. However, the procedure for such evaluations is described along with the results.


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BIRRELL, S.A. ... et al., 2012. Usability of TeleFOT Nomadic and Aftermarket Devices [D1.8]. 34 pp.


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