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Computational fluid dynamics of coupled free/porous regimes: a specialised case of pleated cartridge filter. Additional Files.

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posted on 13.01.2020, 09:36 authored by Atul N. Waghode
Files related to ACFAMP ( Aircraft Cartridge Filter Analysis ).

Contains readme file and manual.

The multidisciplinary project AEROFIL has been defined and coordinated with the idea of developing novel filter designs to be employed in aeronautic hydraulic systems. The cartridge filters would be constructed using eco-friendly filtration media supported by unconventional disposable or reusable solid components. My main contribution to this project is the development of a robust and cost-effective design and analysis tool for simulating the hydrodynamics in these pleated cartridge filters. The coupled free and porous flow regimes are generally observed in filtration processes. These processes have been the subject of intense investigation for researchers over the decades who are striving hard to resolve some of the critical issues related to the free/porous interfacial constraints and their mathematical representations concerning its industrial applications. [Continues.]



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