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ICP-MS Simulated Experiment for Windows (version 2.0)

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Version 2 2023-08-31, 11:20
Version 1 2022-05-03, 10:35
posted on 2023-08-31, 11:20 authored by Amy ManaghAmy Managh, Morgan Johnson, Peter Reid

This is version 2, which updates an earlier version in the repository. Version 2 includes additional samples, enhanced definition of peak shapes in medium and high resolution manual scan modes, and a more detailed help document.

The software consists of two apps that provide a simulation of an inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometer (ICP-MS). The apps were developed via a collaboration between Loughborough University and Reid-IT, in order to complement a lecture course on mass spectrometry. ICP-MS TuneSim: This app aims to increase student understanding of the factors involved in tuning, through interaction with a simulated tuning window. Parameters, such as sample gas flow rates, torch position and RF power can be adjusted and their impact on the signal monitored on the screen. The objective of the exercise is to achieve the highest possible sensitivity for indium, whilst keeping oxide ratio as low as possible. The results of the tuning can be saved and used to personalise the output of subsequent experiments using the InstrumentSim. ICP-MS InstrumentSim: This app enables students to perform analysis of a range of samples. Applications include quantitative analysis of selenium in a nutritional supplement, analysis of gadolinium-based contrast agents in cell populations and determination of common metals in fabric samples. A qualitative study of gunshot residue is also available. Sample details and step by step instructions on how to use the app are available in the User Guide, which can be found within the Support Files folder and via the Help menu within the app.


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