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Python-based Monte Carlo Simulation Tool

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posted on 2024-02-09, 14:57 authored by Yangfan JiangYangfan Jiang, Sarah BugbySarah Bugby, Jonh Lees

demo-2024.zip contains an executable file. It can run with parameters.ini and produces the results in readout, sequences and DepEnergies folders. It only supports single processing, for different absorber and detector materials, please use parameters_2.ini and rename it to parameter.ini for the executable demo. For the source code of PMST, please check via https://github.com/YangfanJiang/PMST. The build version generated from the source code can support multiprocessing.

Article abstract:

A custom Python-based Monte Carlo Simulation Tool (PMST) has been developed to assist in the development of portable gamma cameras or the generation of simulated gamma image datasets, e.g. for deep learning. The simulation tool has been validated by comparison between theoretical and experimental results. PMST includes common attenuation interactions such as the photoelectric effect and Compton and Rayleigh scattering and fluorescence and non-radiative secondary effects. It allows users to simulate and visualise a gamma imaging system with multiple absorbers, flexible geometry, and different materials.


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