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Modular system for a portable communications terminal and module for use therein

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posted on 2017-08-17, 13:11 authored by David R. Bourne, Genevieve Conaty, Richard Houghton, John McCardleJohn McCardle
This is a design practice based output which provided useful collaborative links with Motorola, a world leading company in the research, development and manufacture of mobile phones. This output took the form of a supervised student project into the design and application of portable keyboard input devices. The design necessitated user centred research studies in collaboration with the 'Human Factors' section of Motorola UK and resulted in a unique and hence patentable device. This work has prompted further collaboration culminating in the 'Design Against Crime' feasibility study funded by the EPSRC examining the use and social implications of the mobile phone.



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Bourne, D.R. ...et al., 2002. Modular system for a portable communications terminal and module for use therein. UK Patent GB 2375683.


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This is an UK Patent. Patent number: GB 2375683; Application number: 0111274.7; Filed date: 9th May 2001; Publication date: 20/11/2002


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