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A framework of action for household water treatment and safe storage interventions run by Red Cross and Red Crescent Emergency Response Unit (ERU) in emergencies

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posted on 21.08.2020, 14:29 by Oscar Llorente Pelayo
The International Disaster Database EM-DAT (2017)1 reported that the number of recorded natural disaster events have been progressively rising from the beginning of the century till the 21st centrury. Whatever the emergency situation may be, the provision of water is considered a ‘fundamental human need, basic human right’ 2 (, 2019). There is a limited body of evidence investigating the effectiveness of HWTSS interventions in emergencies. Nevertheless, organisations working in emergencies can adopt different preparedness strategies to boost the effectiveness of their actions and properly incorporate factors of success to in the design of their programs. The research aims to review of the existing knowledge on ‘household water treatment and safe storage interventions’ in emergencies through the opinion of WASH practitioners and emergency managers in order to identify which are those factors of success and propose a clear FoA adapted to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Emergency Response Units (RC/RC ERU).



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  • Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)