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A local education authority's development programme for design education within the secondary curriculum

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posted on 19.12.2013, 15:08 authored by B.J. Kilkenny
Many teachers may well have very good ideas on how they would wish to see the curriculum changed and developed to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding technocracy. How successful they may be, however, in terms of delivery of those ideas in practice is perhaps suspect. This study is directed at arriving at some perspective on the management and delivery of change in the field of design education, although many principles and concepts may well be transferable to whole school curriculum/ organisational renewal needs. It is doubtful whether anyone feels totally prepared for change. Often those who attempt to innovate and introduce change may find it effects far less in patterns of teaching/learning than they had hoped for. Little in the way of productive theory about those conditions that might lead to desired change has until recently been readily available....cont'd.



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A Master's Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Philosophy of Loughborough University.



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