A new approach to the material, design and manufacture of the oxide cathode

2018-09-21T10:37:30Z (GMT) by Wen Xu
In this project, two new oxide cathode designs, namely the integrated oxide cathode and the two-layer/impregnated oxide cathode, and their respective manufacture processes were designed and developed. The two oxide cathodes were both produced from BaSr(CO3)2, Ni filaments and polymer additives. The integrated oxide cathode is a one component mixture of BaSrO2/Ni and the two-layer/impregnated oxide cathode consists of a porous Ni substrate with BaSrO2 impregnated on and in it. Casting and heating are the two most important steps of manufacturing both cathodes. The effects of various processing parameters during these two main steps on the properties of the resultant cathodes were investigated by TGA, EDX and SEM. [Continues.]