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Academic libraries and audiovisual production services : the development of relationships in institutions of higher education in England and Wales

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posted on 2012-11-08, 11:55 authored by Anthony H. Thompson
Libraries have always been seen as essential teaching and learning support services in academic institutions, while audiovisual production services have been a recent innovation of the last four decades. The recommendation of the Brynmor Jones Report of 1965 to set up audiovisual production services as separate central service units, has led to co-operation between audiovisual services and libraries in some institutions. This has culminated in some cases in the amalgamation of these services as 'learning resource services', a significant trend which is shown to be on the increase. This thesis examines the development of these relationships over the last 30 years, in those institutions of higher education in the categories of colleges and institutes of higher education, polytechnics and universities. By means of historical analysis, the timing and the reasons for these developing relationships is described. Case studies show the variety of organisational, service and human relationships that exist between services. The hypothesis that it is in the interests of the institution that these two academic support services should be amalgamated to form a single service; and that developments in the various aspects of information technology make the separation of libraries, audiovisual services and other more recent support services (such as computer units) increasingly untenable, is examined. The advantages and disadvantages of other forms of development and organisational structures, both at present and for the future, are considered. The thesis concludes with a set of questions which institutions that have not developed a single integrated or co-ordinated service should consider for their future development. The work presents a critical review of the subject hitherto unavailable.



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A Doctoral Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Doctor of Philosophy of Loughborough University.

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