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An analysis of the physical education curriculum for 11-16 year old boys in a local education authority

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posted on 20.09.2012, 10:33 by Christopher R.L. Branford
The study was an investigation into what is actually taught in Physical Education lessons in schools in an inner-city education authority. The study investigated three main areas: 1. the background of the schools and the physical education department within that schools context; 2. the curriculum work for years 1-5 (11-16 years) in physical education in that school; 3. the options provided in physical education in that school. The investigation used a mailed questionnaire. To improve accuracy, this was carried out in three stages over the school year 1982/3 - one questionnaire being administered each term. Follow-up interviews were carried out of all the Heads of Physical Education Departments involved in the work. The Survey by Questionnaire and follow-up interview showed that results obtained could provide an accurate insight into what is being taught. The work was broken down into areas of experience to provide an analysis of the balance achieved over five years of school teaching and to enable comparisons to be made. The follow-up interviews provided an insight into the reasons why activities were chosen for the curriculum and a justification of their role.



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A Master's Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of M.Phil of the Loughborough University of Technology.



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