Comparison of load provisions and reliabilities inherent in the safety format of three structural codes for Algeria, United States of America and New Zealand

2019-12-23T14:42:20Z (GMT) by Boubaker Baaziz
This investigation was carried out in order to assess how well the provisions of the relatively newly established design code of Algeria comply with reality and ensure proper safety margins. As safety in the field of civil engineering is not considered as an absolute measure two other more established codes were taken as bench-marks. Thus a comparison study was undertaken to evaluate the reliability inherent to the statutory requirements and design methods as reflected in design codes of three countries, namely Algeria, United States of America (U.S.A.) and New Zealand. This particular choice was adopted since the three countries share the same feature: they are all subject to a high seismic threat and thus seismic-resistant design provisions are explicitly and extensively formulated by their respective design codes. [Continues.]