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Computer-based information systems and their use by managers in Saudi Arabia and the UK

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posted on 2011-01-17, 11:35 authored by Mufleh M. Alkahtani
Computer-Based Information Systems (CBIS) are now widely used for supporting business activities; they are recognised as a tool that can produce information for management decision-making. The present study has utilised both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection to investigate the way computer-based information systems are being used for management purposes in Saudi Arabia. Some data have also been obtained in the UK to examine comparatively the impact of computer-based information systems on the work of managers in business organisations in Saudi Arabia and the UK. This examination has involved determining the uses that managers are making of CBIS, and evaluating levels of satisfaction. The sample has covered a range of firms, but has concentrated particularly on oil companies and banks. The reason for this choice is that Saudi Arabia depends on these two for much of its economic activity. For the UK, the study has involved a small sample of three companies. The first was Shell, to compare with the Saudi Arabian oil companies. The other two companies were Astra and Andaris. These were selected as high technology companies which were expected to put considerable emphasis on computer-based in formation systems. In order to fulfil the aims and objectives of this study, a research model was developed, which describes the characteristics of the approach for the study and the variables considered. The first stage of the subsequent investigation involved a questionnaire distributed in Saudi Arabia firms (72.1% of 1000 questionnaires were returned) and UK firms (74 % of 140 questionnaires were returned). The second stage involved a series of interviews carried out in both Saudi Arabia (19 respondents) and the UK (11 respondents) with selected managers and selected computer centre managers. The main findings of the study show that CBIS is already highly used in Saudi Arabia, but that some problems (e.g. with training) still remain. There also appear to be some differences between Saudi Arabia and the UK.



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