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Construction and electroanalytical study of excitonic solar cells

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posted on 2022-01-07, 16:54 authored by Hussain Alessa
The world population is following an increasing growth than ever. This is accompanied by the modern life style with increased demand for energy in order to facilitate the daily life routines. Among the energy sources, especially the renewable ones, harnessing the solar radiation is considered as an everlasting power source and less utilised so far. Solar cells have been used as a useful mean for converting the photons that presents in the sun light, into electricity. As there exist many types of the solar cells and the current trend of publication focuses on perovskite solar cells, the work interest of this thesis was generally paid to this type.
The vast majority of published work in the literature was devoted to using n-type semiconductors in fabricating perovskite solar cells, thus less attention was paid to p-type counterpart. Hence, different work is conducted in this thesis toward producing several perovskite solar cell devices at low prices with moderate efficiencies.
This thesis contains 10 chapters starting with an introduction and a general literature review in the first chapter, while a brief description of the deposition and characterisation methods are discussed in chapter 2. Excitonic solar cells are represented in this thesis by dyesensitised solar cells (DSSCs) and perovskite solar cells (PSCs), and are shown in five chapters which are designed in a way to make it easier to follow, each chapter has the literature review, the aim of the work, experiments and discussion of the results then a conclusion.
A conclusion regarding the conducted projects is driven in chapter 8 with suggestions for future work in the same chapter. Chapter 9 deals with the dissemination of the results, while chapter 10 has the references list.


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