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Cultural influences on knowledge sharing in Kuwaiti Higher education institution: a case study approach

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posted on 2011-03-11, 09:27 authored by Maha M. Said Ali
Knowledge sharing is an important element of knowledge management initiatives in organisations. It is well established in literature that cultural issues play an important role in influencing knowledge sharing practices. This research addresses cultural aspects that influence knowledge sharing within an academic environment. A single case study approach was adopted to explore the influence of culture on knowledgesharing practices within a Kuwaiti higher education institution known as PAAET. The complexity of the issues surrounding how PAAET operates necessitates the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Therefore, this research brings together evidence from a range of data collection tools. Thus, the literature review, the findings from a questionnaire survey, interviews and focus groups, and information from existing documents were analysed in order to identify how to promote an effective knowledge-sharing culture at the selected case study organisation. This research adds to the body of knowledge on "knowledge sharing" and extends this knowledge by addressing a total of twenty different factors categorised under four main headings: individual, organisational, national, and cross-cultural issues that both impede and facilitate knowledge sharing within a culture that is very complicated and very different from the Western culture. In addition, this research provides insight into how thesei ssuesm ight be addressedb y recommendings ome actionablep roposalsf or the authorities in the Kuwaiti higher education institute. These proposals offer some issues that could be considered when investigating and implementing successful and effective knowledge-sharing strategies. This research also provides the necessary theoretical underpinning to further develop the topic of knowledge sharing within complex institutions that are influenced by a multiplicity of factors. The research demonstrates that better performance and improved productivity can be achieved by implementing a coherent and balanced knowledge-sharing framework.



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