Data extraction in holographic particle image velocimetry

2018-09-21T10:25:07Z (GMT) by Hui Yang
Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry (HPIV) is potentially the best technique to obtain instantaneous, three-dimensional, flow field information. Several researchers have presented their experimental results to demonstrate the power of HPIV technique. However, the challenge to find an economical and automatic means to extract and process the immense amount of data from the holograms still remains. This thesis reports on the development of complex amplitude correlation as a means of data extraction. At the same time, three-dimensional quantitative measurements for a micro scale flow is of increasing importance in the design of microfluidic devices. This thesis also reports the investigation of HPIV in micro-scale fluid flow. The author has re-examined complex amplitude correlation using a formulation of scalar diffraction in three-dimensional vector space. [Continues.]