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Dr Mulk Raj Anand: a critical bibliography

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posted on 2012-11-05, 14:46 authored by Alzira H. Sales-Pontes
Among the Indian novelists writing in English, Mulk Raj Anand is pre-eminent for the seriousness and fullness of his commitment to bring about a new Indian society. He is a novelist with an idea of himself and a conception of life which have been evolved from many influences, mainly western European, but with Indian sanctions and traditions. His humanism, new termed Karuna Rasa or compassion, is the natural outcome of his searching and sufferings arising from the crises in his life. According to Anand, he writes because there is this compulsion to express his feelings, his inner convictions and beliefs that have made him accept life. His autobiographical novels, Seven Summers, Morning Face and Confession of a Lover, and the novels that developed from his 'Confessional' of two thousand pages, are distinguished by this Indian personality, the people that touched his life, and the events that constitute the rich history of India in pre-Independence days.....



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