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Factors affecting participation in CPD activities: the case of public librarians in Israel

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posted on 22.05.2018, 10:03 by Gabriella Dotan
The main purpose of the study was to produce a model that will elucidate the relationships among a number of variables associated with employees' participation in activities of continuing professional development (CPD). The study specifically aimed to explore public librarians' motivation for participation in CPD and to investigate the interest generated by various topics and types of CPD. A subsidiary purpose was to examine work environment factors and management policies and practices impinging on public librarians' CPD. The model hypothesised that perceptions about the applicability of new skills and motivational orientations influenced employees' updating behaviour through the mediation of educational interest. The study used two research methodologies: a survey of public librarians, by means of questionnaires; and semi-structured interviews with 22 library officials and policy-makers. A response rate of 73 percent yielded 303 valid questionnaires. Data were analysed through various statistical and qualitative analyses. In addition, path analysis was used to examine two causal models of participation in CPD activities. The results suggested that the perception of the applicability of new skills was significantly correlated to all motivational factors and with most educational interest factors, particularly to IT skills. Most deterrent factors were negatively correlated with educational factors, indicating that the perception of deterrents stifled the interest in virtually every topic. The study revealed a serious mismatch between librarians' motivations and perceptions of deterrents to participation in CPD activities, on the one hand, and library directors' opinions regarding librarians' motivations and constraints, on the other. Several recommendations are made to advance employees' professional development. Ways were suggested to strengthen the collaboration between state and local initiatives that could encourage librarians to engage in lifelong, planned, professional development.


Israel, Ministry of Education and Culture. Beit Berl College (Israel). Ruth Kahn-Ever Foundation.



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