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Fiction world: a prototype Graphic User Interface

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posted on 2018-01-30, 10:30 authored by A. Amudhavalli
Fiction World is a graphic user interface system aimed at supporting novice users developed with HyperCard in an Apple Macintosh environment. A multidimensional framework for fiction grouping towards enhanced subject access with a working model on sports fiction is attempted, establishing a matching link between the users' search strategies and the contents of the database. The experimental SPORTS FICTION DATABASE contains one hundred works of fiction distributed amongst five sporting settings: AMERICAN FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, HORSE RACING, and MOUNTAINEERING. To this end, image, sounds and text are integrated to develop an user-friendly interface establishing an effective interaction between the user and the system. Finally, the designed system Was tested in the laboratory environment in a limited way. The reporting of this prototype system encompasses the planning, functionality, and evaluation of Fiction World supported with necessary screen pictures.


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A Master's Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Philosophy at Loughborough University.


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