Graphene/carbon nanotube-based conductive materials

2017-06-05T08:37:13Z (GMT) by Suaad Alsawafi
This project is basically an investigation of graphene and carbon nanotube (CNT) based material’s electrical properties. In its first part, graphene (G) and graphene oxide (GO)/carbon nanotubes (CNTs) hybrid films were successfully fabricated as highperformance electrode materials for an energy storage application using a simple water solution casting method and with an assistance of strong ultra-sonication. This was done with different contents of G, GO, single-wall CNT (SWCNT), multi-wall CNT (MWCNT) and multi-wall CNT with a hydroxyl group (MWCNT-OH). The films with MWCNTs showed well interconnected layered structures at the nanoscale range where GO worked as support insulated plates for the CNTs. [Continues.]