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Groundwater investigation in Paphos region

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posted on 31.05.2018, 14:05 by George J. Christodoulou
Cyprus is a semi-arid island. Its water resources rely on winter rainfall which supply the impounding reservoirs constructed on the dry river courses and replenish the groundwater resources within the river gravels or the plain aquifers. water requirements for domestic use and irrigation have been increasing considerably for the last ten years. The potential of the conventional water resources have been developed according to techno-economic factors. Also, the unconventional sources (treated domestic effluents and desalinating sea water) are receiving particular attention to support water requirements throughout the island. The current study deals partly with the calcarenite aquifer of the Paphos Coastal Plain. It has been investigated whether this resource is offered for an integrated exploitation program. In addition the domestic effluent of the Paphos urban zone is considered as a promising resource for providing reliable and continuous quantities for irrigation use after treatment. [Continues.]



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