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Inclusive primary education in Tanzania: The role of accessible sanitation

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posted on 25.08.2020, 11:13 by S. Shiriin Barakzai
Education and watsan have been recognised as central to many poverty reduction programmes though evidence shows that the sanitation component is often neglected and both water and sanitation receive less attention than education for development aid (WHO, UN Water 2010). The links between education, health and sanitation are accepted, but the exact nature of causality remains unclear (Narayan & Prennushi 1999). The benefit of collaboration between these sectors to improve sanitation conditions, school learning environments and education results has already been recognised resulting in numerous School WASH programmes. Yet, despite the plethora of international targets and goals, little progress has been made in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable (WHO, UNICEF 2010).The Millennium Development Goals, whilst providing the impetus for many worthwhile programmes and efforts, fails to mention disability or disabled people. Similarly the International Development Targets for Education defined in the Jomtien 1990 “Education for All” World Conference and the Dakar “World Education Forum” in 2000 failed to specifically identify children with disabilities as a target group.....



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