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Integrity, security aspects of data management

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posted on 2012-12-05, 14:55 authored by Ala'a H.M. Salih
One of the problems of data storage on computers is protecting the information from loss, corruption, or unauthorised access. The security and integrity problems of information storage on computers in the IRAQI AIR FORCE have been examined. In particular, the security and integrity requirements for the proposed data base for stock control and aircraft maintenance, have been analysed. In this thesis the design of a security and integrity system for a relational data base is described. Controlling access to the data base has been examined in more detail. A model system has been constructed in which the security controls check the authority of the user to deal with the different kinds of enquiries and permit the user to access the system, or prevent the user from doing so: New security procedures have been designed to provide: a. More sophisticated authentication procedures. b. Access protection on individual items and fields within the data base. c. Monitoring of access to the data base to detect, in an early stage, the actual and potential security ,violations. Models of some features of the design, have been developed on a PDP 11/40 computer and these have been used to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed model security system. The features of the models are described and the database design is discussed, as are the additional precautions that would need to be taken to fully meet the requirements of the IRAQI AIR FORCE in this area.



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A Master's Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Philosophy of Loughborough University.