Interactions between fluid-carrying pipelines and their supporting soils

2018-10-05T11:58:12Z (GMT) by Ado Y. Abdulfatah
Urbanisation and other industrial developments have resulted in potentially high levels of metals in soil environments. This has given rise to the question as to whether these metals in soil, whether natural or anthropogenic in origin, have a corrosion effect on metallic water pipes. Globally, around 20% of total available water supply is lost due to leakages and breakage of water mains. The primary purpose of this research has been to add to the knowledge on metal pipe wall interactions from metals, both naturally occurring and those resulting from environmental pollution, and their consequences on water pipe deterioration. The corrosion of ductile iron pipe (DIP) sections was physically modelled with bedding and backfill materials conforming to international standards (ISO). The backfill sand was contaminated with known concentrations and combinations of heavy metals in different experimental stages. These were added as three years' accelerated rainfall. [Continues.]