Investigation of a system for micro-alignment and assembly manufacturing with respect to laser fine weldability

2018-06-27T13:58:01Z (GMT) by Andreas Buenting
Laser beam welding processes, with their inherent potential of controlling the energy input, give rise to new applications with respect to the manufacturing of optical active and compact laser diode beam assemblies. In electronics and fine mechanics, components require increasingly high strength joining technologies to replace the conventional gluing or soldering process. Alternative joining methods for commercial laser diode beam assemblies often reach their limits in terms of product quality and reliability. The objectives of this thesis, examined by the author, are as follows: The first objective is the development and validation of a semi-automatic laser fine welding station (pulsed Nd:YAG-lasers) with an automatic micro-alignment solution for optomechnical components. The second objective in the course of this work is the construction and manufacturing of new laser diode beam assembly (LDBA), taking into account the laser weldability of the components. This includes the development of a reliable laser fine welding procedure supported by a FE-analysis of the clamped components during welding. [Continues.]