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Investigation of the use of multi-sectoral integration by NGOs: a case study with Intermon Oxfam

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posted on 2020-10-09, 09:02 authored by Laurent Lehot
Malnutrition is a worldwide disaster affecting several hundreds millions of persons and particularly children. Its immediate and underlying causes are complex and require the intervention and cooperation of various sectors to address it: health, nutrition, food security, water and sanitation… This study aims to investigate the use of integrated multisectoral programming to address malnutrition by a non-governmental organisation. It examines scientific literature, donors and organisations strategies and previous work on integration to understand the rationale behind adopting such approach. Then, based on interviews of key staff and a review of evaluations from two international nongovernmental organisations, a profile of integrated programming in NGOs is drawn by describing its influence, needs and challenges in terms of policies, practices and human resources.



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  • Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)