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Large-eddy simulations of premixed turbulent propagating flames

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posted on 12.10.2018, 08:35 by Ahmed M.S Ali
The importance of turbulent premixed combustion comes from the fact that it is present in many engineering applications such as spark ignition engines and gas turbines. It is also present in explosion incidents where premixed mixture is burnt rapidly. Interaction of the flame with highly turbulent flows causes flame acceleration. Unsteady turbulent premixed combustion is a complex engineering phenomenon that is still not well understood. The nature of the unsteady turbulent premixed flame is so unstable, much wrinkled and too fast. A wide range of turbulence scales are formed in the flow region around the flame, which produce a variety of premixed combustion regimes during the course of flame propagation. Studies on premixed combustion have been a need for long time. Despite of its importance as a physical reference, combustion experiment is an expensive tool in both research and industry. Advances in premixed combustion predictive tools together with growing computational power have made computer simulation of flow and combustion in practical systems an effective alternative to experimental tests. [Continues.]



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