Modelling gas flow pressure gradients in Gelcast ceramic foam diesel particulate filters

2018-07-16T15:59:56Z (GMT) by Emmanuel M. Adigio
Internal combustion engines are significant contributors to air pollution. To meet the future legislative particu1ate matter (PM) emissions targets for diesel engines there is a need for aftertreatment of the exhaust gases. Previous investigations have shown that diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are a potential exhaust aftertreatment technology for the reduction of PM emissions. DPF systems generally contain two elements; one or more filters (i.e. porous media) and a means of regenerating (i.e. cleaning) the filter(s). The filter must be regenerated intermittently or continuously to prevent imposing high exhaust back pressures on the engine. This thesis presents the study of fluid flow through Gelcast ceramic foams that are a potential candidate filter material for use in DPF systems. [Continues.]