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Perception eccentricities in risk time dimension of construction professionals in the state of Kuwait

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posted on 01.04.2021, 08:43 by Rashid Aldaiyat
The role of risk management in construction has become increasingly important in recent decades. Risk management is often considered as a practice intended to identify and quantify all potential risks likely to affect a projector organisation, so that appropriate decisions can be made to mitigate any potential impact. Risk management in construction is currently practised on the basis that similar conditions to similar risk events faced by different professionals in different projects should have similar decisions.However, the identification and quantification of significant risks that require mitigation relies on the perception of the individual responsible for making decisions related to those risks. An important aspect of the individual’s perception is the level of awareness for estimating the time within which an identified risk event should be mitigated;termed herein as 'the time dimension of risk'.The time dimension of risk in construction is somehow considered to be subsumed within the assigned probability of risk events or/and project activities. [Continues.]



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


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Francis Edum-Fotwe ; Andrew Price

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