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Policy making in UK sport : an examination of the role and influence of the Minister for Sport

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posted on 02.01.2014, 13:42 authored by Arthur McMaster
The aim of this thesis is to examine the role and purpose of the United Kingdom Minister for Sport 1964-2009, with particular reference to sports policy-making. The literature review seeks to establish the position of the Minister in the context of post-war British politics and party government This is followed by an exposition of the methodological approach that will be taken and the research methods involved. Several theoretical models of policy-making are outlined, against which the various Ministers' activities have been tested. Evidence has been gathered, presented, and discussed from both quantitative and qualitative approaches, including interviews with key figures, to help answer the research question: "What is the role of the Minister for Sport in the policymaking process for UK sport?" It is concluded that UK Ministers for Sport have had a relatively small role in policy-making, mainly because their position in government has been too junior. Their main function has been to raise the profile of sport, act as ambassadors for it, and encourage participation.



  • Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


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A Doctoral Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Doctor of Philosophy of Loughborough University.



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