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Research and the library school in the United States of America to the mid-1960s

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posted on 2018-05-03, 10:37 authored by John E. Barclay
A study of research and the library school in the United States of America to 1965. The thesis traces developments in a range of selected areas in order to provide synthesising conclusions descriptive of developments in four periods established to facilitate ease of analysis. The subordinate areas focused on in the study include: (1) The idea and implications of research in relation to the library school; (2) Library education programmes and research at undergraduate and post graduate levels; (3) The development of research knowledge, skills and aptitudes through the library school curriculum; (4) Students and research in the library school; (5) Faculty and research in the library school; (6) The research institute or centre attached to, or within the library school; (7) The research product of the library school - research projects, theses, dissertations, and faculty research, and publication and dissemination; (8) The funding and support of library school research; and other narrower topic areas which have relevance only in particular periods. The periods established to assist analysis are: 1887–1927, 1927–1939, 1940–1951 and 1951–1965. In addition, because of its unique significance, a fifth section on the Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago 1928 to the 1940s is separately included. Finally, from an overview of developments throughout the period, key issues and factors which have proved critical to the development of research and the library school in the United States have been isolated for broader consideration.


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