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Review of alternative operation and maintenance (O&M) management models for rural water supplies in Uganda, focusing on hand pump mechanic associations (HPMAs)

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posted on 2020-10-09, 14:17 authored by David Hirst
There is increasing recognition that Community Based Management Systems (CBMS) have not delivered as promised in terms of providing clean and safe water access to rural areas in a reliable manner. The scepticism over the whether the traditional model of CBMS can provide sustainable rural water supplies has led to the emergence of new paradigm shifts in the sector, and the development of alternative models that seek to improve it or replace it. One such model that has come to prominence in Uganda since 2013 is the Hand Pump Mechanic Association model, which is a based around a public private partnership approach and seeks to improve functionality of handpump systems through technical support to CBMS. At present, given that the HPMA model is relatively new, there is limited knowledge of how effectively it has been rolled out on the ground at a national scale. This research seeks to bridge that gap and delve deeper into the issues, challenges and lessons learnt of the HPMA experience so far. It researches the status of the model and asks whether it represents a sustainable shift towards the improvement and professionalisation of Community Based Management in Uganda.



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