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Review of sustainability of small towns piped water services in Ghana

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posted on 09.10.2020, 10:55 authored by John Nedjoh
The sustainability of small towns water services in Ghana and Africa is a matter of great concern. Service levels of older water systems have declined due to increased demand from growing populations. There have been serious challenges with respect to technical, financial, management, socio-political, institutional/legal/governance and capacity issues. Low financial sustainability, community interference with O&M funds, weak O&M systems, inadequate technical and financial support from Local Government and the weaknesses of the community management model were identified as factors responsible for the unsustainable water services in small towns. Improving the sustainability of small towns water services therefore require clear leadership for a comprehensive, harmonised and coordinated approach, which addresses all the facets of sustainability within the contexts of institutional reforms and private sector participation. It is imperative to define and target small towns as a unique segment of society in Africa, which needs specialised approaches for sustainable water services delivery.


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