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Some aspects of heat transfer in boiling and associated problems

posted on 2018-11-15, 11:42 authored by Waclaw F. Calus
Work published in a number of papers and resulting from a research programme is briefly reviewed. The publications cover three aspects of heat transfer in two-phase liquid–vapour systems: (1) heat transfer to boiling liquids on a solid surface with some process induced convection (pool boiling); (2) heat transfer to boiling liquids in vertical tubes in which convection plays a significant part and is due to the process induced natural circulation (thermosyphon reboilers); (3) the effect of physical properties, particularly of binary mixtures, on heat transfer in boiling. The work in the area of pool boiling and in the area of physical properties of binary mixtures was undertaken as an auxiliary programme to provide information and data for a rational approach to the more complex and industrially important problem of heat transfer in natural circulation reboilers. All the published papers in the area of research defined here are quoted in full. Also briefly presented is the work—as yet unpublished—in which the correlation of flow boiling heat transfer data already published is revised. The revision was necessary in view of the experimental evidence that gravitational forces influencing hydrodynamic flow patterns were not adequately taken into account in the previous correlations.



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