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Strategy realisation process: a modelling enabling approach

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posted on 08.03.2011, 12:56 by Alejandro Guerrero
Changing conditions within an organisation’s environment necessitate enactment of the strategy realisation process to produce relevant coping strategic intents to successfully reconfigure current, or potential, process networks to better exploit potential opportunities or minimise impacts of a potential threats. Literature regarding strategy realisation has not produced a coherent approach to describe and decompose the subprocesses of the strategy realisation, i.e., several different approaches have been taken to enact some components however there is no formal decomposition of such process. A revision of the strategy realisation literature was conducted and a formal decomposition model for the strategy realisation process was conceived. Various modelling tools, methods and techniques were surveyed to enable the underpinning of the proposed strategy realisation conceptualisation. Utilising a combination of static, causal and simulation modelling methods and tools, a research methodology was proposed to underpin aspects of the enterprise which would facilitate the decision making process of the strategy realisation process. Two case studies were identified in which the proposed methodology could be implemented. In the first case study, two differing strategic intents were analysed within the same organisation under opposing economic conditions. The second case study observed the implementation of a different system configuration to achieve a strategic intent. The strategy realisation process was studied using the described conceptualisation and the enterprise was modelled. Key variables, set by senior management were observed and quantitative analysis was undertaken and reported. It was concluded that the use of modelling methods providing quantitative and qualitative analysis facilitated the decision process within an organisation. A new conceptualisation of the strategy realisation process and the integration of modelling methods, tools and techniques were devised.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


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