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Studying the interaction of the microbial cell with its physical and chemical environment

posted on 2013-05-15, 09:21 authored by Christopher J. Hewitt
The papers submitted here by me for consideration for admission to a Higher Doctorate concern more than 14 years of work carried out at the engineering/life science interface in a number of cross-disciplinary but complementary areas each of which is discussed briefly below. The core of this work was the development of analytical cytological techniques such as multi-parameter flow cytometry that allowed the measurement of a microbial cell s physiological state and the subsequent use of these techniques, amongst others, to understand a cells interaction with its chemical and physical environment for bioprocess understanding and informed scale-up. The industrial relevance of the work has led to me being employed as a consultant for companies such as Celgene (USA), Novozymes (Sweden), Emergent Biosolutions, Merck, Unilever, Oxoid Ltd, Degussa-Huels (Germany), Cobra Therapeutics and GlaxoSmithklineWelcome advising on appropriate analytical techniques and all types of bioprocess development.



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This thesis is closed access as it consists of published articles which cannot be made freely available online. Submission for the higher doctorate degree of Doctor of Science (DSc).


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