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Submission for Higher Doctorate Degree at Loughborough University

posted on 08.04.2013, 09:24 by Andreas Poullikkas
Based on the Higher Doctorate regulations of Loughborough University, the Degree may be conferred in recognition of published work constituting a sustained, substantial and original contribution to knowledge. The Degree is awarded solely on the basis of published work of high merit in fields of research in which the candidate is engaged. The publications should indicate command over a field of study and a sustained contribution to understanding within that field. A statement by the applicant must be submitted containing the following information: (i) a list of the candidate’s publications in which are marked those which contain the main substance of the submission, (ii) a synopsis of not less that 1000 words which describe how the sustained contribution to the field of study has been made with due reference to the marked publications, (iii) a declaration of the nature and extent of the candidate’s own contribution, and that of co-authors and collaborators, to each of the publications submitted, (iv) a declaration of what part of the publications, if any, has been submitted by the candidate, or collaborators, for a degree of this or any other university, or of any professional body or learned society. The present submission concerns the application by Andreas POULLIKKAS, PhD, for Higher Doctorate Degree at Loughborough University. The submission includes all relevant information requested by points (i) – (iv) above as well as copies of the original publications. In section 2, a list of the publications containing the main substance of the submission is provided, supplemented by detailed Curriculum Vitae including a full list of publications. In section 3, a synopsis of the submitted publications is presented. In section 4, a declaration of the nature and extent of own contribution is provided and in section 5, a declaration of submission to any other degree is provided. Copies of the original publications are included in Annexes 1–16.



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