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The flow of a Newtonian liquid on rotating inclined surfaces with application to atomization

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posted on 2018-10-09, 15:18 authored by David F. Booker
Spinning cup atomizers are used industrially to produce an airborne spray. Often the size distribution of the spray is important. The size distribution of the spray depends on the physical dimensions of the cup, the operating-conditions and the physical properties of the fluid to be atomized. A spinning cup atomizer can be considered in the following way. The liquid to be atomized is fed centrally on to the surface of the cup where it begins to thin into a liquid film under the centrifugal action of the rotating cup. As the liquid flows film-wise to the lip of the cup, where atomization occurs, it obtains energy from the cup. Obviously, efficient atomization will occur if the liquid reaches the lip of the cup after it has picked up sufficient energy and if it was evenly distributed on the cup initially. [Continues.]


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