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The introduction of mathematics coursework into Lincolnshire secondary schools

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posted on 2014-02-11, 11:42 authored by Graham H. Nelson
The National Criteria for GCSE Mathematics stated fifteen Objectives setting out essential mathematical processes in which candididates' attainment would be assessed from the year 1966. It also stated that by 1991 all schemes must include the assessment of coursework which would carry between 20% and 50% of the total assessment. Representatives from all Lincolnshire secondary schools took part in a Phased Training programme for the MEG GCSE Mathematics scheme. The meetings highlighted a lack of expertise in this form of assessment together with anxiety about the changes in teaching strategy necessary. The author was seconded for one year as an In-Service Trainer working with the teachers and the pupils providing advice, encouragement and material support in order that GCSE coursework had a coordinated start in the County schools. This thesis is a record of the In-Service Training programme as teachers attempted to come to terms with the changes in their role demanded by the new GCSE syllabus. It follows the development of a scheme of coursework aimed at the Lower School designed to introduce pupils to the art of Investigation and to the writing of accounts. It also attempts to clarify the assessment and moderation of coursework, two issues which were not understood in the early days of the new examination system. The research method is a combination of case study, action research and observational techniques based· on the activities of thirteen Cluster Groups established in the County and of the staff and pupils in a sample of eight schools. Detailed notes from observation of the interactions in the field with both teachers and pupils will provide illuminative evidence for the author's views on the successes and failures of the changes being made.



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A Master's Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Philosophy of Loughborough University.


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