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The role of health literature services in the national health care system in Sierra Leone: towards a plan for their development

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posted on 2018-01-08, 10:24 authored by Lucilda G.Y. Hunter
Health literature services are needed to support not only the education and training of health workers, but also the delivery of health care. In the context of the drive towards the achievement of social target of Health for All by the year 2000, this study examines how health literature services could be established and developed in Sierra Leone to support the day-to-day work of all levels of personnel involved in health care delivery whatever their location within the country and at an affordable cost. The author's conclusions were reached after a review of the relevant literature, a survey into the information needs and service requirements of a representative sample of health care workers and an investigation into existing health literature resources. Based on the findings of the various surveys, it is recommended that a hierarchical network of health literature access points be established under the direction of a strong National Focal Point library. As a first step towards the realisation of this goal, the Sierra Leone government should set up a Steering Committee to formulate a national health literature services policy and prepare a detailed plan of action for submission to international donor agencies.



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