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Towards an efficient, unsupervised and automatic face detection system for unconstrained environments

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posted on 25.02.2011, 09:43 by Lihui Chen
Nowadays, there is growing interest in face detection applications for unconstrained environments. The increasing need for public security and national security motivated our research on the automatic face detection system. For public security surveillance applications, the face detection system must be able to cope with unconstrained environments, which includes cluttered background and complicated illuminations. Supervised approaches give very good results on constrained environments, but when it comes to unconstrained environments, even obtaining all the training samples needed is sometimes impractical. The limitation of supervised approaches impels us to turn to unsupervised approaches. In this thesis, we present an efficient and unsupervised face detection system, which is feature and configuration based. It combines geometric feature detection and local appearance feature extraction to increase stability and performance of the detection process. It also contains a novel adaptive lighting compensation approach to normalize the complicated illumination in real life environments. We aim to develop a system that has as few assumptions as possible from the very beginning, is robust and exploits accuracy/complexity trade-offs as much as possible. Although our attempt is ambitious for such an ill posed problem-we manage to tackle it in the end with very few assumptions.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


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A Doctoral Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Doctor of Philosophy of Loughborough University.

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