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Towards an understanding of ICT in the Hamad Health Science Library in the state of Qatar.

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posted on 2013-11-05, 13:55 authored by Rabab H.M. Abdulla
Information and communication technologies (lCTs) are increasingly changing the way in which working, learning, doing research and administrations are carried out. ICTs have the changed natute of many academic, public and organisations libraries. Health service is an important and essential element of any modern society. Therefore, development of this service and updating its services is a priority for most of modern governments. Current developments in ICTs are changing the nature of health science libraries. Therefore research in this area is important to provide guidelines, recommendations to improve the health services. This study explores the impact of ICTs in Hamad Health Science Library in Qatar. Physicians and staff in the Hamad Medical Corporation were surveyed by questionnaire to identify the use of ICTs and their effect on them. Then personal interviews detertnined their perceptions of the impact on the research productivity of end-users. There is a lack of this type of study in the literature. Those that there are specifically address the impact of ICTs in health science library. ICTs have become a major link to health care resources for many health care workers. The study employs a systems methodological approach in order to better understand the impact and value of ICTs in Hamad Health Sciences Library (HHSL). Using the systems intervention, issues that affect the system were identified (technological issues, cooperation issues, cultural issues and staff (and user) training and development) and the problem situation improved. An ordered roadmap of elements necessary to bring about change was produced and a HHSL systems model constructed to understand the change processes in context. Conclusions drawn reflect the level of success of the aims and objectives and indicate ways in which the problem situation can be improved from a systemic standpoint. Recommendations to management include aspects associated with operational planning, policy objectives and strategic formulation.



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A Doctoral Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Doctor of Philosophy of Loughborough University.

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