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User interfaces for microcomputer-based neonatal monitoring systems

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posted on 2020-02-04, 16:09 authored by Paul R. Cartmell

From 1980 a Loughborough University, St George's Hospital and All Saints' Hospital research group developed a microcomputer-based neonatal monitoring system. During the course of their research it was apparent that most of its users could be characterized as "naive" computer users. Because of the restraints of the physical environment within a neonatal unit careful consideration had to be given to ascertaining an ideal user interface. The aim of this research was to investigate the most suitable user interface which would enable the naive user to input data and make use of the vast amount of data automatically collected by the monitoring system. An analysis of existing computer based medical monitoring systems was carried out but none were found to be as sophisticated as that being developed by the Loughborough research group. It was also apparent that very little effort had been dedicated to user interfaces for this application. [Continues.]



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A Master's Thesis. Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Philosophy of Loughborough University.


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