Viscosity effects on the kinetics of free radical polymerization

2018-05-22T14:56:41Z (GMT) by Julius S.T. Bogunjoko
In this work, the effects of zero shear viscosity of reaction medium on the kinetics of free radical polymerization of some vinyl monomers were investigated. Hitherto the effect of polymer formation on the kinetics of polymerization were not understood clearly. This poses problems in the design of polymer reactors where conversions may be high. In this investigation, increases in the viscosity of the reaction medium were achieved by adding preformed polymers of known molecular weights into monomers. Initial rates of polymerization were measured by using a dilatometric technique. Preformed polymers of the reactant monomer were introduced in some reactions while in others preformed polymer of different monomer types were introduced and the newly formed polymers of the solvent monomer were separated and analysed. [Continues.]