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Your carnival soca bible: Brand experience and brand export in the Trinidad carnival: The case of soca brainwash

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posted on 2020-08-20, 13:56 authored by Kearn Williams
The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomena of fete (party) brands from the Trinidad Carnival and the experience it sells to customers, and, in turn, the trends around these brands as they are being exported into other markets. It does so through case study research, investigating the event brand Soca Brainwash and its expansion into 6 markets. Interviews were conducted with attendees chosen from all markets, as well as with the owner and creator of the event brand. The social media presence of the brand was also analysed as a key factor to the experience selling. The findings show that this event brand experience is multidimensional, incorporating digital media to highlight the great experiences of patrons in videos as well as pictures. It also shows how its physical environment allows patrons to engage and connect with the brand. Additionally, Soca Brainwash creates a space where persons can find and reinforce their identity through their participation. Despite this, it still faces challenges as it pertains to being modern and innovative but still upholding traditional aspects of carnival, and to help develop other carnival markets while still trying to keep its home market of Trinidad its most prized position. Further research on the subject ought to include investigation into the economic earnings of the event and other influences that would determine it being sustainable in the future, as well as entering newer markets.

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