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Youth Leaders in Civic Media: The role of leading and creating civic media organisations in the youth civic engagement

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posted on 23.11.2020, 09:43 authored by Kristeena Monteith

This dissertation explores the role of creating and leading civic media organisations in the civic engagement of young people. Aiming to explore a relatively untapped area of research that focuses on young people as leaders within media production for civic engagement, this research delves into the literature on civic engagement, youth media production, and civic media before turning to Thematic Analysis to analyse data from semi-structured in-depth interviews with creatives within three youth-led civic media organisations in London.

The results of the study are promising, and indicate that creating and leading civic media organisations helps young people to recognize and take critical positions regarding broad socio-political issues, deliberately design civic media organisations as solutions to these issues and experience the rewards of serving different communities through their content and organisation.

As initial results indicate unique and interesting data, more in-depth study across different populations and demographics could further elucidate this phenomenon.



  • Loughborough University London