Loughborough University

Andrea Geurin

Reader in Sport Business (Economics; Education; Commerce, management, tourism and services)

London, UK


  • Media Guide
  • Social Media Education Provided by National Governing Bodies of Sport: An Examination of Practices for Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games Athletes
  • Online Communities Among International Masters Gymnastics Participants: A Uses and Gratifications Analysis
  • Major League Baseball
  • Editorial
  • Alcohol, sponsorship, and new media activation: An investigation of Molson Canadian and the 2014 Olympic Games
  • Communicating via photographs: A gendered analysis of Olympic athletes' visual self-presentation on Instagram
  • The Changing Climates of the Sport Management Academic Job Market and Doctoral Students’ Career Expectations
  • Race Portrayals in Sport Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Gymnastics
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Using the Olympic Platform for Communications
  • Constructing gender differences: newspaper portrayals of male and female gymnasts at the 2012 Olympic Games
  • Acceptance, motivations, and usage of social media as a marketing communications tool amongst employees of sport national governing bodies
  • Attitudes, motivation, and commitment of runners who do and do not participate in women-only road races
  • Gender, Race and Nationality: An Examination of Print Media Coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics
  • A Unified Version of London 2012: New-Media Coverage of Gender, Nationality, and Sport for Olympics Consumers in Six Countries
  • From ‘hollow-eyed pixies’ to ‘team of adults’: media portrayals of Olympic women’s gymnastics before and after an increased minimum age policy
  • User-generated branding via social media: An examination of six running brands
  • Media coverage of women athletes during the Olympic Games
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction
  • Media coverage of women athletes during the Olympic Games
  • Communication in sport management
  • Routledge handbook of the business of women's sport
  • An exploration of the distractions inherent to social media use among athletes
  • Athlete perceptions of social media benefits and challenges during major sport events
  • Sport brand ambassadors' experiences in sponsored user-generated branding programs
  • Team identification, motives, and behaviour: a comparative analysis of fans of men’s and women’s sport
  • Building brand and fan relationships through social media
  • Elite female athletes' perceptions of new media use relating to their careers: A qualitative analysis
  • Fans’ Perceptions of Professional Tennis Events’ Social Media Presence: Interaction, Insight, and Brand Anthropomorphism
  • Managing sport and leisure in the era of Covid-19
  • Athletes as ambush marketers? An examination of Rule 40 and athletes’ social media use during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
  • Social Media Engagement as a Metric for Ranking US Olympic Athletes as Brand Endorsers
  • Using Communication Boundaries to Minimize Athlete Social Media Distractions During Events
  • Media and Communications
  • Conclusion
  • Social Media and Consumer Behavior

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