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  • Disordered Eating in Child and Youth Sport: The Role of the Coach
  • Understanding physical activity in spinal cord injury rehabilitation: Translating and communicating research through stories
  • Narrative constructions of anorexia and abuse: An athlete's search for meaning in trauma
  • The psychosocial impact of wheelchair tennis on participants from developing countries
  • Editorial: Towards a more sophisticated approach to eating disorders in sport research
  • A systematic scoping review of athlete mental health within competitive sport: interventions, recommendations, and policy
  • Promoting exercise behaviour in a secure mental health setting: Healthcare assistant perspectives
  • Eating disorders in sport: A call for methodological diversity
  • Understanding physical activity participation in spinal cord injured populations: Three narrative types for consideration
  • Understanding athlete disordered eating: Critical gender comparisons
  • Self-starvation and the performance narrative in competitive sport
  • The barriers, benefits and facilitators of leisure time physical activity among people with spinal cord injury: a meta-synthesis of qualitative findings
  • Family experiences of living with an eating disorder: A narrative analysis
  • A life history analysis of a male athlete with an eating disorder
  • Learning to eat again: Intuitive eating practices among retired female collegiate athletes
  • Disability and the gym: experiences, barriers and facilitators of gym use for individuals with physical disabilities
  • Understanding the relationship between physical activity and physical self-perception in adolescent females: The role of body image
  • Stories of acceptance and resistance: illness identity construction in athletes (mis)diagnosed with a personality disorder

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